Dogwood's Mission

Utilizing an eco-centric approach to cultivating your home and business.


The Dogwood tree is native to Ohio, meaning it is a plant that originated here as opposed to being brought here by humans (like the Amur Honeysuckle). The Dogwood is also a flowering tree that is crucial to pollinators such as bees and native birds. It also has “Dog” right in the name, and as a huge dog and all-around animal lover, it was an obvious choice!


For individuals: To lower or eliminate your ecological footprint, ultimately improving the health of you and your family, and saving money in the process.  

For businesses: Aid businesses on the journey to net-zero through office sustainability practices, employee trainings, community service excursions, Eco-initiative plan development, and marketing. This will help businesses save money, gain investors, gain customers in an Earth-first market, and do their part to improve their impact.